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GPB Red My Lips

Mahalo Skin Care Red My Lips is a gorgeous lip tint with plumping infusion and is for a great cause, The Red My Lips organization.  The moment I saw this beauty I knew I had to have it.  First, Mahalo Skin Care is one of my must have skin care lines and so anything made by them I must get.  Secondly, this was their first make up treat and hello beautiful red, packaging and ingredients.  Third, and most important 20% of proceeds from these luxury clean lip tint goes to the Red My Lips organization.  Seriously, everything about this is exquisite.

“Mahalo Skin Care created The Red My Lips Tint from their passion for social causes, clean beauty, and desire to give back.”


I didn’t know about this campaign until Maryna of Mahalo Skin Care shared the Red My Lips Campaign.  Red My is a non-profit organization who runs a global campaign in the month of April.  This is a Red Lip-wearing campaign in April where supporters join together to speak out against rape myths and victim blaming, demonstrate solidarity and support for all survivors, and raise awareness and funds.  So in April if you want to raise awareness wear Red Lipstick or this gorgeous Red Lip tint by Mahalo Skin Care, whether your a man or woman, please do.

This is an amazing organization and cause, which doesn’t get nearly enough people talking about it.  The thing is we need to join together to start the conversation because likely we all know someone or are close to someone that has been affected by sexual violence.


The RED MY LIPS is a statement red, that looks so pretty on all skin types.  This is inspired by the rich velvety petals of a red rose.  You can tell all the love that goes into these beauties crafted by hand in Hawaii with moisturizing oils, natural waxes, and collagen amino acids infusion to promote a flattering red pucker.  For a full list of ingredients click here.  Not only does this tint have staying power, it is smooth and hydrating on lips and smells divine with hints of vanilla, rose and Hawaiian jasmine.  I have fair to light skin and think it looks brilliant with the balance of red and notes of orange and pink.  I feel feminine and confident in this beauty and proud to wear my Red lip tint.  Definitely sexy.

Just look at  the signature bamboo case and vegan brush.   Love the details and that it is eco-chic, refillable.  The bamboo case even has a mirror.  Pure luxury.  I must tell you that even the red box it comes in is sexy and thought provoking.   The inside of the box reminds us:

YOUR [beauty][sexuality][power] IS YOURS!

GPB Red My Lips 2

I found that a little goes a long way and for a stronger/deeper red I just need to add more.  Mahalo Skin Care does say there might be gentle tingling from the plumping infusion of collagen amino acids-not sure if I feel this.   I’m not too keen on selfies but for a cause like this, I will proudly post and share my Red My Lips.  What about you?

GPB Mahalo Red My Lips

Remember to share your beautiful red lip by posting your photos and tag and @redmylipsorg with #RedMyLips and #ok2share

What’s so exciting is that The Red My Lips lip tint will permanently be available in the Mahalo Skin Care shop and a percentage of sales will continue to go to    I would highly recommend this gorgeous clean beauty.   Such a great cause and product.  I can’t wait to see your Red My Lips.  Get your Mahalo Skin Care Red My Lips Tint here.



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[Disclaimer:  Green Passion Beauty purchased this product.  All opinions are my own and no compensation was received]


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