So excited to try @rejuvaminerals foundation, powder & concealers that are @madesafehq certified and EWG verified. Thank you for sending me these beautiful natural cosmetics. Have you tried @rejuvaminerals ? . So great these are @madesafehq certified-which means products with the seal are made with safe ingredients not known to harm human health or the environment (you can read more about the certification on my blog). Plus, they are also EWG Verified-they meet EWG's criteria for transparency, health & more. Review coming soon. . . Green beauty movement! . . #greenbeauty #greenbeautyblogger #greenbeautybloggers #greenpassionbeauty #organicbeauty #organicbeautyblogger #organicbeautybloggers #makeup #safermakeup #madesafe #naturalbeauty #naturalbeautyblogger #naturalbeautybloggers #rejuvaminerals #crueltyfree #raisethebar #betterbeauty #ewgverified #greenbeautymovement

Have you heard about Rejuva Minerals  and that they have some of their cosmetics MADE SAFE certified?  So excited to share with you what MADE SAFE certification means and Rejuva Minerals MADE SAFE products.  MADE SAFE is America’s first nontoxic seal for products we use everyday, from baby to personal care to household and beyond.  This means that Rejuva Minerals products with MADE SAFE certification has had every ingredient screened for safety, by also checking the supply chain to rule out potential contamination.  The MADE SAFE seal plays an important role in a world where so many products on the market are made with potentially toxic ingredients, even when they claim to be natural or organic (crazy, right??).  Thankfully, we can educate ourselves, read labels and now look for the MADE SAFE seal to make sure the products we’re using do not contain all those toxic ingredients in them.

MADE SAFE stands for “Made with Safe Ingredients”.  When products acquire the MADE SAFE seal you know those products are made with ingredients that are not known or suspected to cause human health harm or ecosystem harm as determined by scientifically recognized lists from around the world.  To find out more about the MADE SAFE process check out their site and also see my blog post about MADE SAFE here.

I was thrilled when I first heard of MADE SAFE because they want to change the way products are made in this country and make them healthier (me too!!!).  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk in a store, buy something off the shelf and know that it is safe to use?   Now we may not be able to do that yet (wishful thinking), but we can look for the MADE SAFE seal and know that product is made with safe ingredients.


You might see different variations of the MADE SAFE seal on products depending on package size-see pictures below.

What the MADE SAFE Seal Means image


When MADE SAFE asked me if I would like to try some MADE SAFE products every few months and share my thoughts on Green Passion Beauty, you better believe I jumped at the chance to help spread the word about safe products and MADE SAFE.  I’ve already tried a few other MADE SAFE products like Kosmatology and Natracare (future posts on these coming soon) and can’t wait to try more.  Now let’s get on to the beautiful, natural brand called Rejuva Minerals and the gorgeous MADE SAFE products they sent me that I’ve been using.

Rejuva Minerals

GPB Rejuva Minerals 1


Rejuva Minerals was founded by Brenda Hyre in 2006, as a health and wellness advocate with sensitive skin she knew that safer high quality products made without all the potential harmful ingredients was missing from the market place.  So she created Rejuva Minerals Inc. with the help of a team of chemists, make-up artists and her partner/co-founder Troy Hyre.

Not only are their products safe, effective, they carry a wide variety of Rejuva Minerals products, from skin care to cosmetics, some are MADE SAFE certified, EWG Verified, earth friendly and they’re affordable.  What more can one ask for?

Ultra Sheer Multi Task Powder 15.8 gm. Sifter Jar~$29.95

GPB Rejuva Multi


This natural powder is definitely a multi-tasking beauty.  Seriously, this is one of my favorites.  I adore safe products that can be used for so many things, from a primer, to finish, and also as dry shampoo (yes- a dry shampoo).  The powder has a light yummy chocolate scent thanks to the cocoa.  It has a beige/pink color, but goes on sheer, giving a semi-matte finish and feels lightweight.  This goes on after my serums and moisturizer.  When I wear as a primer or finish I apply the powder all over with Rejuva Mineral’s soft High Def Buki Brush.  The brush is so silky soft and makes application of the powder effortless.  Plus, it makes my skin look and feel smooth and natural.  I also like to use as a finish, after applying my serum/moisturizer then foundation or after a work out to get that shine free look.

The Multi-task powder works as a dry shampoo too.  I add a little bit of the powder to my roots with the Rejuva Minerals Flat Top Buki Brush and it blends in great (I have shoulder length blonde/light brown hair).

GPB Rejuva Made Safe multi

Love the natural look with the safe ingredients like Cocoa, Lauroyl Lysine (amino acid), Boron Nitride (derived from natural mineral), Certified Organic Casaba, Kaolin, Certified Organic Blueberry, Certified Organic Grape, and Certified Organic Raspberry

This can last a long time, however, there are no preservatives so Rejuva Minerals recommends replacement after one year.  Rejuva Minerals also has a trial size 1 gm Multi Task Powder for $5.99, which is great to test to make sure the product works for you or if you want a travel size on the go.  I’m taking this multi-purpose powder with me on my next trip-make-up plus dry shampoo, yes please!

Mineral Concealer Loose Powder $34.99

GPB Rejuva Minerals Concealer Loose Powder

I’ve been using the Mineral Concealer Loose Powder in Natural.  This works well with neutral, light-medium skin tones.   I use it under my eyes to cover my dark circles (probably due to lack of sleep) and for little red spots or blemishes.  I like to use the Rejuva Minerals Petit Face Brush to apply to the areas I need a little extra help.  It blends in, covers without bringing attention to the area.  Makes it look natural and skin is still breathable.  This is designed to help conceal minor blemishes, rosacea and other skin conditions.

GPB Rejuva Made Safe Concealer

Ingredients include:  Baron Nitride (derived from natural mineral), Kaolin (clay), Certified Organic Carnauba Powder, Certified Organic Blueberry and Grape, Iron Oxides

This also comes in a trial/travel size 1 gm. Natural Concealer for $5.99 and for warm, light-medium skin tones in Golden Sand.

Natural Look Pressed Foundation Trial Size $10.99

GPB Rejuva Pressed Foundation


I received the shades Nude, Sand and Glow to figure out what color works best for my light skin.  These are eco-friendly, biodegradable compacts that fit easily in my bag.  Love the silky smooth, natural finish it provides.  I do have to make sure that I have my serum and moisturizer on before applying this to my dry skin.  The pressed foundation is buildable.  For a light coverage I use the Buki Brush to apply the pressed foundation all over.  When I want more coverage I use the Rejuva Minerals Puff that comes with it.

I really like the way these make my skin look when I want more coverage.  If you know me and as I said before, love me some trial sizes to travel with or to test out what shade works best.  Rejuva Minerals also has Trial Pressed Powder where you buy two and get one free.

Make-up brushes

GPB Rejuva brushes

Top -High Def Buki, Middle-Flat Top Buki, Bottom-Petit Face

I’m not a make-up expert, but know that the right tools really make a difference with make-up application.   I’ve been using the High Def BukiFlat Top BukiPetit Face brushes I received and they are fabulous.  They are vegan friendly with synthetic hair, soft bristles, manufactured exclusively for Rejuva Minerals by an environmentally sensitive USA manufacturer who supports the fight against animal testing.  Not only, are these cruelty free, the handles are made from sustainable wood.

Bottom Line

If you can’t tell, I’m so impressed with Rejuva Minerals high quality, effective, beautiful, eco-friendly (even their boxes are made from 50% recycled material) and MADE SAFE certified products.  Not only does Rejuva Minerals take extra steps to ensure safe ingredients are in their products, they are affordable too.

Have you tried anything from Rejuva Minerals?  What should I try next?  I want to try everything now.

If you want to try Rejuva Minerals look for their travel/trial sizes and starter kits, which are helpful when you’re new to natural beauty or trying to figure out the right shade and product for your skin.

Can’t wait to see what Rejuva Minerals and MADE SAFE do in the future to make our products safe.  If ingredient safety is important to you, check out Rejuva Minerals, please continue to read labels and look for the MADE SAFE seal.



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