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Way to start 2018 off right with the Petit Vour box full of cruelty-free beauty.  The monthly box is only $18 a month or as low as $15 a month with a yearly membership.  Every box is expertly curated and free from animal testing, animal ingredients and harmful toxins.

Petit Vour “peh-tee-vohr”

“Is a Frenglish word derived from French confectionary “petit four.”  A petit vour is a small, cruelty-free luxury-non-toxic, vegan, and ethically made.  Petit Vour boxes contain a selection of such things and are curated for the modern, ethical woman.”

How it works:

  • Each box contains 4-5 cruelty free beauty products every month.  May contain travel, deluxe or full- size products
  • Typical value $45-$60 monthly
  • Each box includes a variety of products, from hair care, make-up, body and skin care
  • Curated to match personalized profile
  • Cruelty free, non-toxic products, plant based products
  • Boxes ship in batches, between the 10th-20th of the month
  • Get 400 PV pont or $4 when you rate the items from that month’s box
  • Once you try/test the products they can be purchased in the Petit Vour on-line shop
  • Every box includes an information card with details about the products featured, a beautiful picture/inspiring words, and may include discounts or free products with purchase.

To see my last review go here.  Thank you Petit Vour for sending me this box to review.

So let’s get to it.

We Love Eyes Tea Tree Eyelid & Eyelash Foaming Cleanser Full Size $20

Already more than the price of the box.  This is a foam cleanser, just a few pumps works.

I don’t wear tons of make-up, but use this when I wear my usual make-up (mascara and eyeshadow).  This can also be used to clean false lashes too.

How to use:

  • shake well
  • use 2 pumps on clean fingertips
  • close eyes and apply, gently rub onto eyelids and eyelashes
  • rinse with water- I like to use warm water, then follow with my all over face cleanser and then towel dry.

Andalou Naturals Vitamin C Brightening Facial Mask $5

This a face mask that gives a quick boost.  You might look a little funny or scary according to my daughter (see pic below), but great for a spa day at home or before a big event.

To apply, gently unfold the sheet mask, place the soft, fiber side on clean dry face.  Adjust the eyes, mouth, nose openings.  Try to relax, not to answer the door with mask on, and take off in about 10-20 minutes (or when you feel ready).  I like to apply the extra product in the package to my face after I’m done with sheet mask.  My skin felt so soft and radiant after I used the mask.  Plus these are affordable and come in a variety of masks for your skin care preference.

Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Face Oil Deluxe Sample $15.20

This facial oil absorbs fast and makes skin feel soft.  It is great for all skin types, especially shall we say it, mature skin (that’s mine).

Made with potent essential oils and natural plant extracts such as Frankincense to rejuvenate and firm and rose to smooth skin’s appearance.  I like to apply a little drop to my hands and take in the beautiful rose earthy smell.  So lovely.

Tip:  have too many face oils use this for aromatherapy, or on hands/feet for some extra softness.

K Voss NYC Cinnamon Lip Plumper Full Size $18

Wow!  You can smell the cinnamon in this little glass jar.  It is a lip balm and lip plumper.  Made with coconut, almond and olive oil and pure cinnamon.  However, when I applied the balm my lips felt like they were on fire and I had to take it off right away.  I gave it one more try and applied it after lipstick, but it was still too hot for me.  Although, it didn’t work for me, it might work for someone else, remember not all products are for everyone.  You may love it.  What did you think?

Bottom Line

For me, Petit Vour always delivers a great box, especially for the price.  The All About Eyes already covered the cost of the box, so everything else was a bonus for me.  Although, I couldn’t wear the lip balm because it was just too hot for my lips, I really liked all the other products in the January box.

What did you think of the January box?  Please share in comments.  Thanks

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“And now we welcome the new year.  Full of things that have never been.”

~Rainer Maria Rilke



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[Disclaimer:  GPB received this box as an ambassador, all opinions are my own.  Contains my affiliate links]


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