Every month the Goodbeing box, formerly known as Goodebox, has so many healthy beauty, natural wellness + good living products in every box.  Just check out all of my previous reviews for January, December and November.

So how does all this work you ask?

Just choose a box type and plan, the Beauty or Lifestyle box.  The Beauty box contains all beauty, featuring body & hair care, skincare, nail color, beauty elixirs/serums, even beauty accessories and more.  The Lifestyle box includes a combination of beauty, lifestyle, wellness, supplements, superfoods and non-toxic lifestyle goods.  They have a monthly plan or pre-paid plan that saves money.

The Goodbeing Standard for the Lifestyle and Beauty box is $24.95 USD/Box or Prepaid 6 Month Plan $21.99 USD/Box ($131.95 every renewal):

  • Average value of $40-$50, varies each month and for member to member
  • Receive 4-5 items per month, full size, deluxe and samples
  • PICK your products:  you get to choose 1-2 items in your box with this subscription or you can opt to have the entire box be a surprise.
    • Love this!  This way you know you will always get at least 2 products you really wanted.

Mini Goodbeing $9.95 USD/Box or Annual Plan $8.95 USD/Box ($107.40 every renewal):

  • Average value $15-$20
  • Receive 2 items every month, either 2 travel size or a full size and deluxe size

Then fill out a detailed member profile.  This is how you get a personalized box, as well as picking your own products with the Goodbeing Standard membership.

Then use all your goodies.  Such a great way to find out what products you like.  Remember we are all different, what works for me may not work for you.  This is why subscription boxes are one of my favorite ways to test quality natural products without having to buy the full size only to find out the product isn’t for me.

Every Goodbeing box also comes with information cards with details about the products, cost and value of the products.  Plus a beautiful quote and Member Only Discounts on the other side.

Plus for the month of February you can receive the following bonuses:

Offer #1:  Receive or Give a bonus trio ($99 value) with any new 6-month Standard Gift Membership or 6-Month Standard Regular Membership.  USE CODE:  DARLING

Offer #2:  Receive or Give a 5 piece bonus gift wt ($84 value) with any new 6-Month Standard Gift Membership or 6=Month Standard Membership.  USE CODE:  HEART

Offer #3:  Receive or Give a Lyesksa Facial Cleanser ($38 value) with any new regular Standard Gift Membership or Standard Regular Membership.  USE CODE:  LOVELY

SEE Goodbeing for more details about these amazing deals.

Now let’s see everything inside my February Goodbeing box that was sent for my review:

Orglamix Lip & Cheek Gelee Full Size $18 in Heliotrope:

Love multi-tasking products and this one is for Lips & Cheeks.  Such a pretty plume color with a light shimmer.  This beautiful shade was made exclusively for Goodbeing, along with Peony and Zinnia that other subscribers may have received.  Leaves lips soft and smooth.  Plus long lasting and can layer for more color.

ReChoc Cocoalte Supplement 3 $3.75/Full Size$24.95:

Yummy chocolate that is good for me?  Yes please.  These are so good and are a bonus for Valentine’s Day.  Dark Chocolate with nutritional benefits.  Just eat one piece a day for a chocolate fix with resveratrol to promote wellbeing and longevity.  Have you tried?  Definitely, helps my dark chocolate daily need.

Z Skin Neck Firming Cream Full Size $19:

I think we all know, especially us more mature women, how delicate the chest and neck area is.  These are areas I’m afraid I ignored in my younger years so this was one of my picks.  This cream has SPF 4 and developed to support thee neck and chest areas to give youthful elasticity and hydration.

A white cream/lotion that goes on leaving skin hydrated.  I really like that there is a SPF too.  Simple to use, made with safer ingredients, and affordable too!  Where was this product in my twenties?

Mindful Zebra Detox Frankincense Clay Bath $8/Full Size $36:

Do you love taking a bath?  I guess the question should be do you have time to take a bath?  I adore a warm bath, especially in the winter.  Adding this blend of bentonite clay and Dead Sea salt was so lovely.  Plus the aroma of frankincense and myth really helped relax me.  It is a very light scent and leaves skin soft.

The Bentonite clay helps to remove toxins from the skin.  The frankincense and myrrh helps to calm the mind.  Just added a little to my bath, allowing the Detox Clay Bath to disolve for a moment.  Plus loved this sample has enough product for a few baths.

Pangea Organics Brazilian Sugar with Cocoa Butter Body Polish Travel Size $7/Full Size $28:

This was my second pick for my customized February Goodbeing box.  Made with organic brown sugar and sea salt, organic cocoa and shea butters.  The scrub provided gentle exfoliation and left skin feeling super soft, not greasy.

Good Medicine Beauty Lab Steaming Stones Sweet Surrender Body Oil Travel Size $12/Full Size $22:


This body oil has a earthy smell with sweet grasses, juniper, blue cypress, desert sage and tobacco.  Made to ease emotional and physical stress.  The scent is pretty strong and earthy at first, but then blends in.  I like to apply a little to my body after a shower while my skin is still damp.  I usually prefer tropical scents, however, during the winter months it is fun to change to a bolder, lusty aroma.

Bottom Line

I’m always impressed with the quality and quantity of natural and wellness products included in Goodbeing box.  If you’ve thought about joining or gifting the Goodbeing box to someone special, now is the time with all their February bonuses.

To subscribe click here to receive a FREE BONUS ITEM in your first box.

“In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.”

~Caroline Caldwell



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[Disclaimer:  GPB received this box for review, all opinions are my own.  Affiliate link included]


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