CRUNCHI with an “I” – not just make-up. It’s a lifestyle – a way of life!

Have you heard of the Crunchi Movement?  I’m so impressed with everything Crunchi stands for and so happy to be part of the movement to help educate others about the dangers of cosmetic toxins and how to make safer choices as a Crunchi Advocate.

What it means to be CRUNCHI with an  “I“:

Crunchi is a revolutionary line of high performance, safe, and toxin free cosmetics that are redefining beauty.  We no longer have to compromise our health for our beauty or our beauty for our health.”

Crunchi was founded in December 2015 by Melanie Petschke and Kelly Weston, who were frustrated with the lack of options in safe, high performing cosmetics.  They realized reducing the cumulative toxic burden to our bodies is critical in disease prevention and health promotion, which inspired them to launch Crunchi.

The Movement-The SAFE Beauty Movement

“It’s a movement created by everyday women who have become more aware of the potentially harmful ingredients found in their daily use of cosmetics and are seeking safer alternatives.”

Women educating their family, friends, and everyone about safer alternatives and conscious choices in today’s market.  Knowledge is very powerful-it truly is- many people still don’t know what potentially harmful ingredients can be in their products they use everyday.

Blacklisted Ingredients

Check out Crunchi’s Blacklisted Ingredients.  These are potentially harmful ingredients that could be lurking in other products, but you will NOT find them in Crunchi.

Plus, Crunchi has a safety rating of 1-2 per the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Database (online guide for cosmetics and personal care products to help consumers find safer products by rating products with hazard score 1-10), which means they are made with safe ingredients.

Crunchi products are made with a combination of:

  • Safe
  • Certified-organic
  • EcoCert ingredients
  • Plus they use evidence-based research and safety data for their selected ingredients that will not put your health at risk
  • The majority of the ingredients used in Crunchi products are natural
  • Crunchi infused a handful of strategically selected synthetic ingredients with substantial safety data, in order to boost performance, efficacy and longevity.

Now onto the gorgeous, consciously made and packaged, high-performance products:


Daylight Facial Cream $48

This is one of Crunchi’s newest products and I’m loving it.   It’s made for all skin types.  A super light weight formula designed to layer under their Smart Primer and Foundation.  I do my usual skincare in the morning, apply SPF, then the Daylight Facial Cream, followed by Smart Primer and then Beautifully Flawless Foundation.  Hello gorgeous!

My skin is so happy with this extra step with the Daylight Facial Cream.  I don’t know about you but my skin has been extra dry with the weather changes and maturing skin.  It is a creamy white face cream that absorbs quickly, sinking into skin, makes it feel so soft.

Sea Kelp extract is one of the ingredients in the Daylight Facial Cream that helps plump and firm skin.  More please!!!

Nightlight Facial Cream $54

A formula designed to set the stage for your next day by rejuvenating skin.  I haven’t tried this yet, but it is on my list.  Will update once I’ve explored this beauty.

Made with organic jojoba and argan oils infused with antioxidant-rich rose petals, ginkgo biloba, and sage.   Said to bring a glow.  I can’t wait to try this.


Smart Primer ($48)

This primer helps make my skin look smooth.  Not only does it prime skin for foundation, it hydrates.  Smart Primer is silky and absorbs quickly leaving skin super smooth.  Made with jojoba, avocado and rosehip oils.  Serious much needed prep for my skin.  Love!!!

Beautifully Flawless Foundation ($48)

The Crunchi Foundation is one of my favorite products (along with their primer).  Makes skin look super smooth and has build able coverage.  Dare I say “flawless”?  The foundation goes on silky smooth, especially with the Crunchi Flat Top Foundation Brush.

Made with Vitamin C & E to give antioxidant-rich coverage.  Beautifully Flawless Foundation has soothing Aloe leaf for that extra moisture.   The Foundation is made with safe ingredients, however, some concerns have been raised with the added ingredient, Dimethicone.  Crunchi has this to say on their FAQs page:

“A pure form of dimethicone is found in Crunchi’s Beautifully Flawless Foundation, Mascara and Eyeshadows. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel compiled all of the available data on dimethicone from over 100 independent studies in a comprehensive, evidence based report. From this data analysis they concluded it is unlikely that dimethicone is absorbed into the skin due to the large molecular weight of the polymer and that dimethicone is safe for use in cosmetic products. Therefore they concluded that dimethicone “may be used safely in cosmetic formulations.”

Not sure what shade you are, get the Crunchi Foundation Shade Matching Sample Card here.  The Sample Card is only $7 and worth it.  This is how I figured out my shade Light 02 and my skin thanks me for it.

LUXE Lipsticks ($30)

Pictured is Pomegranate, a deep burgundy.  

Oh my goodness, lots of color in Crunchi Lipstick.  Their lipsticks are long lasting, have beautiful pigment with a blend of safe and nourishing organic ingredients.  Plus, they are cruelty-free, consciously packaged and so many gorgeous shades to choose from.  Anyone else a lipstick girl?  I love that I can put on a bright lip and feel like I’m ready to go.


Lush Lipgloss ($24)

These are super nourishing, not sticky and leaves lips soft.  These are so good with lots of color and they smell like candy too.  Made with organic coconut, sunflower and jojoba oils.  Comes in eight beautiful colors from Date Night (best seller) to Transparency.


Eyeshadow ($24)

These shadows have the best pigmentation, blendable and multi-taskers.  I use these as eyeshadow, wet a precision brush to apply for eye-liner and like to use champagne as a highlighter.  Plus, they are vegan, leaping bunny certified, non-GMO and Toxin Free.

With thirteen gorgeous shades to pick from:

Make Me Blush ($24)

Pretty shades for all skin tones.  These are so gorgeous.  Comes in four beautiful colors:

  • Palm Beachy- a pretty coral, peach
  • Crave-pink shade with subtle shimmer
  • Pretty Please-light pink with a touch of lavender
  • Royal Flush- matte pink

Made with cold pressed virgin organic organ oil.  It is vegan, leaping bunny certified and toxin free.

Brilliant Bronzer ($34)

Hello summer in a jar.  Gives a healthy glow all year round.  The Brilliant Bronzer is a mineral powder I like to apply all over my face for a sun-kissed glow.

The bronzer is vegan, non-GMO, leaping bunny certified and toxin free.

Crunchi also has Concealer, Translucent Finishing Powder, Lashes for Days Mascara, Luxury Vegan Brushes and more.

Me wearing Crunchi:

Holiday Gift Sets

Right now you can get a great deal with Crunchi Holiday Sets.  So good can save on Crunchi products for your self or gift to that special friend.  I want all of them-they are amazing and such a good deal!

Fresh Face Brush Set $124 ($166 value)

That’s a $42 savings!!!  This is a serious deal on these luxury vegan brushes.

Gloss & Go Gift Set $79 ($116 Value)

A $40 savings!!! Great way to travel or a stylish way to organize all your make-up & skin-care.  Vegan Make-Up Bags and Lush Lipgloss in “Sangria”.

Chic Cheeks Gift Set $46 ($68 Value)

Save $22 with this set.  Get to pick what shade of Make Me Blush too- Palm Beachy; Crave; Pretty Pleasure & Royal Flush.  They are all so pretty, which one will you choose?

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for make- up & skin-care that is made with clean ingredients look no further, Crunchi works.  Pigmentation, their make-up lasts, affordable and they are making a difference in educating the public.   Crunchi is amazing and I’m so proud to be a Crunchi Advocate.

What’s your favorite Crunchi product?  Check out all of their products here.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding their make-up, skin-care, want to host an event or becoming an advocate.  Just leave me a note in the comments-would love to help you find non-toxic beauty and help you become part of the movement.

“Toxin Free.  Organic.  Clean?  These aren’t buzz-words anymore.  They are a way of life.  Our way of life.”


DISCLAIMER:  Post contains links if used I could make a commission on as a Crunchi advocate – thank you if you choose to use!


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