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If you know me, you know I adore Fitglow Beauty. Just call me a Fitglow Fan Girl (and Fitglow Bag Lady-been collecting all their bags/kits throughout the years- Haha or #FitglowNERD)! Fitglow has been one of my go-to-must-have brands since I started my green beauty journey years ago. Can we say huge FAN girl?!?! How about you?

I started using Fitglow Beauty early in my clean beauty and lifestyle journey, about 4 years ago. I received a Fitglow Beauty Lipstick in a subscription box and I was hooked (used to be obsessed with subscription boxes too, but that is an entirely different story). I couldn’t believe how Fitglow Beauty’s make-up was better than conventional make-up. My skin didn’t break out, their make-up felt so light, feminine packaging and safe ingredients.

Hello- a company that actually cared about what we’re putting on and in our skin and bodies (you know we swallow lipstick and lipbalm right?!?). As I found out more about Fitglow Beauty, I was drawn to their make-up and skin care because they are evidenced based which made this research nerd so happy!

Evidence Based Natural Beauty is everything to Fitglow Beauty:

Fitglow believes in using what mother nature created and through newly discovered research, we utilize the science as our basis. Science has proven that plant based ingredients deliver results to your skin. Fitglow doesn’t stop there, we elevate the enhancement of our products by focusing on stable and effective formulas that protect precious ingredients in liposome plant stem cells to rebuild skin health. Our truly active products create a positive reaction in the skin without irritation or fillers.

IBE Dallas 2017 with Fitglow Beauty Founder Anna

Plus, if you ever met the beauty behind the brand, Anna, you would have a woman crush too! I met Anna at IBE Dallas 2017 and let me tell you this gorgeous sweet lady knows her stuff. I could see the excitement in her eyes when she talked about her products. A true #FitglowBeautyNerd!!! You can check out all the details about IBE Dallas here. So yes, I adore Anna, her brand and everything Fitglow Beauty stands for.

The true beauty of all Fitglow products for me is they work, are made with clean ingredients, cruelty-free, help us look and feel beautiful, and actually help our skin while we’re wearing it.

Can you see why I’m such a big fan of Fitglow Beauty? Now on to some of my old and new favorites. These are just some, I mean Fitglow Beauty has Make-up, Skin Care and Vegan Travel Bags/Kits. Oh my! So many must haves. Let’s get to it.

Vita Active Foundation $55:

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Vita Active Foundation made me fall in love with wearing foundation. I wasn’t into wearing foundation until I tried Fitglow. It is so light weight, made my skin look so smooth, and felt like skin-care. A must-have in my book. You can read all about my review here.

Fitglow Beauty knows it is not easy to find the right shade of foundation or concealer, so they have a Try Me Sample Bag for $35, where you pick your 2 foundation shades + concealer shades + 2 skin care samples all in a cute pink vegan bag.

Vita Active Serum $149:

This serum is a skin game changer. The Vita Active Serum helped decrease spots, hyper pigmentation but most of all helped make my skin look more youthful (awake and bright). However, the key here is consistency and it takes time. Remember how long it took to get your skin in the condition it is, it will take time to see results. Check out my blog post to read all about how it transformed my dull skin here.

But please remember we are all different, our skin, how we react to things and how they work for us. Plus, I’ve learned to be consistent with my products, not to try multiple new products at the same time and really give the product a chance to work (when I first started my clean beauty journey I wanted every new product out there -spent way too much money and probably tried 5 new products on my face a day- YIKES!!! Okay, I digress)

Now onto some of Fitglow Beauty’s newer products.

Cleansing Make-up Oil $48 full size 60ml/$28 travel size 30ml

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This Make-Up Oil Cleanser is so good. It has a beautiful scent- sweet watermelon. It is so gentle and takes off all of your makeup, including mascara. Gentle enough I used it on my daughter to take off her make-up (Fitglow make-up of course) after her dance recital. She loved the way it smelled too. The oil cleanser leaves skin super soft.

Cloud Ceramide Balm $89 2 oz/Refill $74

The balm is seriously moisturizing. It looks and feels thick, but melts right into skin. Just look at that texture!?! Leaves my skin super soft and smooth. I don’t know about you, but my skin needs all the hydration it can get. I use a small scoop, a little goes a long way, day and night. A refreshing drink for skin.

Key ingredients:

  • Cloudberry Seed Oil: rich in fatty acids, plant sterols & antioxidants
  • Plant Ceramides: organic rice micro ceramides replenish skin barrier + strengthen skin + prevent moisture loss
  • Calming Liposome: calming plant nutrients that my naturally red skin loves
  • Gotu Kola: rejuvinating herb firms skins and stimulates collagen

Plus, the Ceramide Cloud Balm jar is refillable. Love it!

Day & Night Palette $69 each

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I use the Day & Night Palette all the time- they are my all-in-one make-up must-haves. I can get ready in 5 minutes, okay I mean 5 minute makeup. These Palettes are gorgeous, pigmented, and buildable. They make it super simple to get ready Day or Night. Plus, I use the darker shades for my eyebrows. Just add Fitglow Mascara and Lipstick and/or Lip Serum, then out the door.

Both Palettes have super versatile colors and they last all day or night (well depending on what you’re doing- wink wink). These are so easy to pack for trips too, all the eyeshadows-that can also be applied as highlighter and for eyebrows, blush & mirror in travel ready package.

Sunny Days Cheek Trio $59

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The Sunny Day Cheek Palette is a great addition to any make-up routine. Love me some Fitglow Palettes- please keep them coming our way! The trio has 3 gorgeous shades:

  • Sunstone- Sunkissed Bronze (top)
  • Rose’-Illuminating Rose Glow (right)
  • Shapely- Shaping Bronze (left)

These beauties add tons of color to cheeks and anywhere you want a pretty glow. I apply all over, my cheeks, forehead, and use as eyeshadow. Wearing Rose’ a lot lately.

Lip & Lash Duo $49/$100 value (this kit is sold out at Fitglow, but I found they are still available at Safe&Chic)

Fitglow Beauty has the best Kits & Bags that also save you money. This Lip & Lash Duo is no exception. It includes my favorite Lip Colour Serum in GO a pretty baby pink nude + Vegan Good Lash Mascara + Vegan Lux Cosmetic Bag.

If you haven’t tried Fitglow Lip Colour Serum ($42 if bought separately) yet, they are a cult favorite. They come in all different shades- from NUDIE to LIV a sheer magenta (I can’t wait to try this color). Not only do these serums add color, they hydrate and plump lips. They smell like vanilla (at least that is my take on them) and go on silky smooth. Plus, now they have the travel sized Lip Serum pictured above, I received Beach Glow (this was not part of the kit). I want them all (full and travel size)! How about you?

Fitglow’s Vegan Good Lash Mascara ($38 if bought separately) is my go-to mascara. Seriously provides length and volume to my blonde eyelashes. Makes lashes pop, all while nourishing them with plant protein and botanical extracts. Plus, no flaking even in the Texas heat.

Fitglow Beauty Vegan Good Lash Mascara

Bottom Line

I am obviously a true Fitglow Beauty Fan Girl. Over 4 years using these amazing- evidence and plant based products. I love that Fitglow Beauty offers samples, kits, so many shades of make-up, and skin care products that are safe and effective. What’s your favorite Fitglow Beauty Product?

Cant wait to see what Anna and her Fitglow team come up with next. I know I will be right there supporting her and Fitglow Beauty along the way, as any Fitglow Fan Girl would! Oh, can I also get all the adorable Fitglow swag too (maybe they will be sold on-line one day-pretty please)?!? Anna was so kind to send me the cutest Fitglow Beauty shirt pictured below- of course I’m only wearing Fitglow Beauty Skin Care and Make-up in this pic. Thanks Anna and thank you for making us safe, gorgeous products that work!!!

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Fitglow Fan Girl- wearing all my favorite Fitglow Beauty!

Inspired by nature, fueled by passion to create beauty and confidence.

~Fitglow Beauty
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Disclaimer: Most products pictured here were purchased by GPB, shirt and some products generously gifted thank you. This article contains no affiliate links. However, contains links to my favorite online shop- Fitglow Beauty. Enjoy shopping and remember to sign up for their newsletter to save 15% on your first order & to learn about sales and new products.

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