Welcome to Green Passion Beauty.  I’m Cynthia and I’m passionate about clean, green, safer products and trying to live a more conscious life.  I created Green Passion Beauty  to share my love of luxury green beauty products (my obsession) and provide tools for all of us to make conscious choices with beauty and personal care products and actions we all can take to improve the safety of our products.

I’m a concerned mom, with a background in nursing and the legal world and I’ve seen how toxic products and lifestyles can have detrimental consequences.   Many of the products being sold to us have ingredients that are linked to cancer, birth defects and serious harm.   I couldn’t believe all the toxic ingredients that were lurking in my products.  Once I started researching products I knew that I had to change all the products I was using and buying for my family to use.  Not an easy task.  I’m still learning along the way but do know that we can limit our daily exposure to the harmful chemicals by learning what ingredients we should avoid.   Not only do I feel better about what products I’m using for myself and my family, I can see and feel the difference in my skin.  This is an exciting time for the green community and I’m ready to take a more active role. Are you?

I’m not giving medical or legal advice here, I’m hoping Green Passion Beauty will be part of the conversation about what we can do to make a positive impact in our world today and the future and share my love of the exquisite safer products that are available.  Thanks for stopping by and joining me on this green lifestyle journey!

Green Passion Beauty

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Green Passion Beauty