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INDIE BEAUTY EXPO- DALLAS 2017-My first time

I was super excited to find out The Indie Beauty Expo or IBE was going to be in Dallas, Texas.  I immediately started researching what brands would be there and how I was going to go (thank goodness my mom was coming into town so she could watch my daughter :))  The IBE hits Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, and London in 2018.

Indie Beauty Expo

Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) was founded by celebrity esthetician, Jillian Wright, and entrepreneur, Nader Naeymi-Rad.

The Indie Beauty Expo was established to help the fast-growing category of indie brands connect to Buyers, Press and Consumers. Unsatisfied with the options available, Jillian and Nader formed IBE to provide a solution specific to market-ready indie brands.

IBE’s mission is to:


What is Indie Beauty?

IBE is a three day event.  However, there are specific days made for Brands, Buyers, Press and Shoppers.  First day is Connect Indie for indie entrepreneurs, second day Shop Indie and third day is Trade Indie.

I attended the second day called SHOP INDIE, which is open to the public.  Where shoppers, bloggers can mingle with the brand owners, find some Instagram friends and shop.


General Admission $29.99/$23 early bird.

Includes entry to event, free IBE tote bag, open bar and access to presentations/workshops and exclusive deals and discounts from brands.

VIP Ticket $99/$79 early bird

This is what I got and so worth it.  Includes all General Admission, plus rapid check-in through VIP lane, free tote bag packed with samples (lots of them- more on that below), open bar, priority seating at presentations/panels and access to VIP lounge.


There were so many incredible brands, about 70 exhibitors from Fitglow Beauty, Au Naturale Cosmetics, Vital Proteins and so many more.

Fitglow Beauty

I was so happy to finally meet the beauty and brains behind Fitglow Beauty, Anna.  She is so knowledgeable about safe skin care and make- up with her incredible luxury clean beauty line.  Plus, she’s beautiful inside and out.  I sampled the Vital Active Oil and next thing you know I bought it and I’m so thankful I did because my skin has looked so good adding this beauty to my routine.  It was so great talking to her and finding out about her new products too (they have already been released now, lip serums and Good Lash Mascara)


These are things I wish I would have done prior to IBE and what I learned after attending:

  • Research: the brands/founders and ingredients of products I wanted to try/buy.  There were over 70 brands at Dallas IBE and so many great brands.  Plus the brands are not all green beauty.  It was a little overwhelming even though I did research some of the brands prior to going.
    • Questions:  figured out what questions I wanted to ask the founders or about the brand and products.
  • Eat/Water/Snacks:  wish I would have had dinner (I was starving).  At least I brought snacks, thank you Amanada Organic Bunny for this tip- but I only brought Cocomels which are super yummy but I not quite dinner,  and I brought Harmless Organic Coconut water.  They do have a bar with water and drinks available for $, or 2 free with VIP ticket.  I got some water and gave my drink tickets away.
  • Wear:  comfortable clothes and shoes.  Bring a jacket just in case you get cold (It was super windy that night in Texas and I wore a little black dress without a jacket of course)
  • Pictures/Videos:  take lots of pictures/videos of the venue, event, founders/booths, products.  Even though I thought I took a lot of pictures and photos I found out too late that I barely took any (too late of course, after I left the event)
  • Business Cards:  if only I had business cards with me or something with my name how to get in touch with all the great people I met.  I had a few people ask me for a card and I didn’t have any (insert sad face here)
  • Samples/Testing:  test all the products interested in and/or ask for samples.  They give you a cute IBE tote when you check in for all the goodies you buy or for sample
  • Money:  bring some and/or start saving up (budget) before the event because there were special deals (discounts baby) or products at the event.  I wish I would have saved up more money, but, is it ever enough?
  • Flower Crown:  these were gorgeous.  I ordered one when I first got there for my daughter, but by the time I went to get my crown I was told I had to go wait back in the line and it was one of the longest lines.  So I decided not to get one.  My fault I waited too long.
  • VIP bag: a must have.  So glad I was a VIP- just look at the goodie bag I got at the end of the night (WOW-I could barely get it in one picture so I took a few)




Bottom Line

If you get a chance to go to any of the Indie Beauty Expos just DO IT!  It  was so great meeting the founders, some bloggers and getting to see the products, actually testing them before you buy.  Also, if you can swing it, the VIP package was amazing.  Make sure to get the early bird special to save some money.

Hope to see you at the Indie Beauty Expo sometime.

Have you been to IBE before?  Are you going to IBE in the future?


~Indie Beauty Expo



Green Passion Beauty






Happy Valentine’s Day or Love Day!!!  Just wanted to pass on this amazing sale that is happening today from one of my all time favorite green beauty brands Au Naturale Cosmetics.  Have you tried anything from them yet?

I love everything they make, pigmented, gorgeous colors, they perform, last, and they are made with clean ingredients.

Au Naturale is more that just a clean- make-up brand:

  • Support pressure on Washington DC to get us stricter laws for more transparency in cosmetics.  The #CleanBeautyRevolution see more information here.
  • All natural and mineral based
  • PETA Certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • High performing cosmetics, check out my Guide to Au Naturale Cosmetics with Teri Miyahira Beauty
  • Designed for women of all colors

Au Naturale Valentine’s Day Sale 14 for $14 includes:

  1. Crushed Bloom lip gloss
  2. Pink Champagne blush
  3. Sweetheart multi-stick
  4. Bliss eye come stick
  5. Dark Opal eye powder
  6. Ballet fine powder eyeshadow
  7. Shiraz creme eyeshadow
  8. Spanish Rose Lipstick
  9. Innocence lipstick
  10. Passionfruit lip gloss
  11. Nudist lip gloss
  12. Kissed Powder Bronzer
  13. Moon Dust Pure Powder Highlighter
  14. Amethyst Eye Liner

Bottom Line

You can’t go wrong with anything from Au Naturale Cosmetics.  Now is a great time to try their clean beauty products or stock up.  Are you getting anything?


“Love yourself.  It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.

~Jenn Proske



Green Passion Beauty

****Post contains affiliate links

Au Naturale Cosmetics





No More Harmful Ingredients with Made Safe Certification

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could just buy products off the shelf and not have to worry about them containing any harmful ingredients?   This should be the norm, unfortunately it is not.  Until all products on the market are made without potentially harmful ingredients we have to be diligent about what is in our products.  This is where MADE SAFE  comes in.  Have you heard of MADE SAFE certification?

MADE SAFE (Made with Safe Ingredients) is the first non-profit organization that provides certification that non-toxic products such as baby to personal care to household products and beyond are safe.  Amy Ziff, the founder of MADE SAFE, wanted to change the way products are made in the country- without harmful ingredients and believes together we can shift the market with our choices and demand for safer products.  In our world of so many products that are believed to be clean or made without harmful ingredients, this certification allows us to see the seal and know that we are really getting clean products.

I would love it if all of our products were just safe period.  No question that we could go into any store anywhere and know that the ingredients and products were safe, tested and clean.  For now we can read labels, and look for MADE SAFE seals to ensure products are clean, without toxic ingredients.


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MADE SAFE Certified products are made without known harmful chemicals.  That means MADE SAFE Certified products are made without behavioral toxins, carcinogens, Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs), developmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, high risk pesticides, reproductive toxins, heavy metals and harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

MADE SAFE Certification Process

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Photo courtesy of


MADE SAFE  believes that we should all have access to every ingredient in the products we use.  Me too!  What about you?  Brands under certification must disclose all their ingredients for the MADE SAFE seal.  Also, by December 31, 2017 MADE SAFE will require full public disclosure of fragrance ingredients.  Let’s think about why a company wouldn’t want us to have information about their ingredients.  Are they really afraid someone will make the same exact product available (maybe) or do they have something to hide (maybe)?  Are there unsafe ingredients lurking in their products?  Bottom line, be transparent about ingredients and then we can make a knowledgeable decision whether to use the products.

MADE SAFE does look forward to the day that their seals are no longer necessary:

When all products are made from safe ingredients; when enough is known about how chemicals react in mixture that we may trust that products are being formulated safely. Until then, our seals are well defined in order to end the confusion over what you are buying and how it has been made and vetted.

Just look for the MADE SAFE seal, like on the back of Annmarie Gianni Skin Care products because they are certified MADE SAFE.

Photo courtesy of Made Safe Facebook

Brands that already have the certification.

hairprint-logo-72dpi PURA-darkblueLOGO-225x100_2
NaturepedicLogo_72dpi-225x100 TrueBotanicals
sw_basics_LOGO rejuva
GoodCleanLoveLogo_225x100 justso_225x100
purple_annmarie_logo oilogic-logo225x100
meliora logo sustain_logo_225x100
LullabyEarth_LOGO alaffia_logo_225x100
Kosmatology-logo pleniLOGO225x100
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There is a fee to get the MADE SAFE seal/certification.  Companies can request pricing based on a sliding scale depending on if the company wants certification or other services like ingredient diligence.

True Botanicals was one of the first to receive the MADE SAFE certification.  They indicated:

As makers (and of course consumers) of skin care products with higher standards, we’re grateful for the level of confidence MADE SAFE Certified now gives us all. Their work creates a definitive line in the sand for our claim-loving industry. From now on, either a product is or is not MADE SAFE.

What do you think?  Do you like the idea of a MADE SAFE seal?  Please remember there are amazing products out there that already use a high standard for clean ingredients, but they do not have the certification.   Continue to look at labels and buy these wonderful safer products, as well as products with the MADE SAFE seal.

How you spend your money is how you vote on what exists in the world

~Vicki Robin

What products do you want to see with the MADE SAFE Seal?

I actually sent an email to Disney to see if they would be interested in making their products for children, like make-up, lipstick, lip balm with clean ingredients (by the way my family loves Disney/Disneyworld).  As a mom and concerned consumer I think it would be wonderful if Disney, who essentially markets to us through our children (and the child in all of us) would take the lead and make it a priority to make sure all their products are not made with potentially harmful ingredients (like talc and parabens) and be one of the first with the MADE SAFE certification (full post coming soon, but at this point I’ve only received an email back from customer service indicating they are sending it to someone that can answer my questions).

Please leave comments below about brands/products you would love to see with the MADE SAFE seal and you can also go here to MADE SAFE and suggest brands.  How incredible would it be if all our products were MADE SAFE?  Remember, until every product on the market is made without toxic ingredients you can read labels, avoid the ones with nasty ingredients, and look for the MADE SAFE seal.



Green Passion Beauty


Kosmatology MADE SAFE Certification




Photo courtesy of The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics


October is Breast Cancer awareness month.  I think it is wonderful to raise awareness/prevention education and to donate to a cause like breast cancer.  However, when brands/products contain the harmful ingredients that are actually linked to breast cancer then there is a problem.  This is why Breast Cancer Action invented the term pink washing as part of their Think Before You Pink Campaign.

Pinkwasher (noun)

A company or organization that claims to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink ribbon product, but at the same time produces with, manufactures and/or sells products that are linked to the disease.

This seems crazy, that companies trying to raise money for breast cancer actually contain chemicals/ingredients that may cause cancer or been linked to cancer.  What?!?!?  If you do by the products please be aware of what harmful, possibly cancer causing ingredients might be in those products.  Breast Cancer Fund wants consumers to ask questions like:

Does this purchase put you or someone you love at risk for exposure to toxins linked to breast cancer?  What is the company doing to ensure that its products are not contributing to the breast cancer epidemic?

In considering a pink ribbon purchase, does the product contain toxins or otherwise increase our risk of breast cancer?

These are great questions to ask prior to buying the product with the pink ribbon.  Just another reason why it is so important to know what ingredients are harmful and how to avoid them or make the decision that they are acceptable for you and your family.   So what can we do?  Demand safer products.  Plus, continue to check ingredients and also see resources like the October Shopping Guide by The Breast Cancer Fund that included brands/products that are safe and transparent about what is in their products (Beauty Counter, Dr. Brite, Tata Harper and more).

The Breast Cancer Fund campaign is also working to shift the focus from awareness to prevention and to stop the disease before it starts.

According to The Breast Cancer Fund, in just a generation we’ve witnessed a 40-percent increase in breast cancer, and we know that environmental factors like toxic chemical exposures have played a major role. The Breast Cancer Fund is working to eliminate our exposure to toxic chemicals linked to the disease so that fewer of us, our daughters and increasingly our sons will ever have to hear the words, “You have breast cancer.”

It would be a wonderful world if we could trust that every product on the market was safe with no toxic, cancer causing ingredients.  Especially, products with pink ribbons on them should be clean.  Until then, we need to continue to look into the ingredients and decide if the product is one that we are comfortable using for ourselves and our families.


Green Passion Beauty

Resources and for more information on Breast Cancer awareness and prevention please see The Breast Cancer Fund, Campaign for Safe CosmeticsBreast Cancer Action